3 Gut Healing Breakfast Ideas That Will Have You Welcoming Wellness In No Time

14 Mar 3 Gut Healing Breakfast Ideas That Will Have You Welcoming Wellness In No Time

Are you sick and tired of waking up in a daze? Longing to figure out how to cram all the advice you are given into your day? I used to try new things everyday and wonder why nothing was working. Finding your groove is so important to welcoming wellness as it is something that needs to be worked at daily. For most people (you included) the beginning of the day before work is the only part you can be in control of. You know when you need to leave for work so you know how much time it takes to woof down breakfast and get out the door quick smart.

Some of the most successful people in the world, be it athletes, business tycoons, presidents cultivate success through a sound and ritualistic morning routine. Health guru’s also opt for a routine that paves the way for a healthy day. I know if I start the day out right, both in diet and mindset I know I am in control of my day (not the other way around) so getting in a healthy breakfast or a breakfast that is both anti-inflammatory and gut healing is THE best way to start the day if you are at all concerned with your health, wanting to welcome wellness or if you are working on some health issues.

It might take you 2 or 3 tries to stream line your morning routine to suite your lifestyle, it might mean getting up half an hr earlier but you worth the investment! It has taken me years to adopt the routine I choose and when I look back to when i was 20 (oh how times have changed) I’m kicking myself for not adopting this powerful tool earlier.


If you already have a rockin morning routine…. Please comment below, I want to hear what you do, it might give someone else some ideas on what to do.


Routines set you up for success. They are strategic ways to help you move towards your goals to welcome wellness into your life!! Everyday. I truly mean it when I say they are worth the investment of time.

If this sounds like a task or chore to you, I promise it’s not because it can be as simple as having the most amazing healthful breakfast and eating ritual. We are all gut loving and wellness sponges up in here so I’m going to give you some gut healing breakfast ideas so you can set up your digestion, fuel your body and feed your mind the right way to tackle the day.

SMOOTHIE pintrest

  • Smoothies: My go-to breakfast is a smoothie. I did a post recently on gut healing smoothies… see link HERE for some ideas and recipes. Basically you want to load up your smoothie with at least 2 cups of veg to 1 cup fruit + some anti-inflammatory spices liek turmeric or cinnamon, or some extra beneficial fibre like flax meal or chia seeds. Plus smoothies are a great way to hide supplements like gut healing L-Glutamine or MSM.
  • Veggies + Bone Broth (BB): Sounds weird to have stauteed veggies but bacon and eggs are a “savory” breaky so if you are more of a savory breakfast person then a cup of BB with a bunch of sautéed veg (2cups worth) and maybe topped with an egg will do the trick. A bit of protein to fill you up is ideal to keep you full for longer rather than opting for carbs that are “low GI”. I almost always have bone broth on hand, fresh or frozen… and I love a warming cup with my savory breakfast. The bone broth is going to sooth the gut lining, be loaded with skin healing collagen and gelatin that will also benefit healing your gut lining. The veggies will add fibre and added life giving nutrients. I tend to have them in a breakfast bowl or breakfast salad topped with my savory granola mix of nuts, seeds and dried herbs to add another dimension to a salad.
  • Chia Seed Pudding: Chia seeds are great for fibre, prebiotics and generally you have them with fruit so you will get extra fibre and nutrients from the fruit. Also chia is a gelatinous seed that soaks up liquid so helps with clogged up bodies + constipation so a great way to help empty out the last 24 hrs worth of food so you can make way for more nutrients. These little seeds are deceivingly filling and loaded with protein so will keep you full for ages. They are usually my prost-workout breakfast accompanied with a healthy fermented pea protein smoothie.

So you see these are 3 super simple, quick and easy ways to set the tone of the day in the right direction and pave the way for welcoming wellness. Generally if I start the day out on the right foot I am more likely to maintain that healthy diet throughout the day as I don’t want to undo my good work so I aim for better lunches, snacks and dinner.

Other items to include in your breakfast could be sprouts on top of smashed avocado + bacon, spike your smoothies with gut loving goodies like MSM powder, L-Glutamine or even the humble blueberry. Topping your chia pudding with activated nuts, fermented milk kefir or coconut yoghurt. Get creative… jump on pintrest for some low inflammatory recipes. There are heaps of tools out there.

We touch on some of the gut healing supplements in more detail over HERE or I have some great recipes HERE you can check out… indulge and look forward to getting the nourishing breakfast you know you need.

Now I mentioned food eating rituals??? What that… I totally just read your mind.

Do not overlook this step, that step is “eating the food” part. Digestion starts in your mouth so you want to chew your food properly, slowly and not be distracted by TV or social media. Have you ever head the phrase “Parisian women don’t get fat?” , I think we all have and that is partially because they eat slowly and don’t eat on the run. They take time to experience and enjoy the food, not shovel it down. Science has backed this and broken it down for you as I am doing for you. Create an eating ritual where you can enjoy your food, remove stress and distractions, chew your food and sit for a few mins after you have finished your meal to let it settle into your stomach before running off to get ready or check your emails. This eating ritual does not take up to much extra time unless you are someone that eats in the car on the way to work or eats at your desk when you get to work… set aside 30mins to prepare and enjoy your food as it was intended. It will help to improve digestion which means less constipation, better nutrient absorption and less stress on your gut health.

Now… your turn… tell me what you are going to do tomorrow as your new morning routine.


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