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12 Sep Aloe Vera, the medicinal gut healer internally and externally.

Aloe Vera is (as you know) a plant, it’s resilient, great for sunburns but also amazing for gut health and skin care!! Since I struggled with acne and skin scarring aloe has always been a medicinal staple for me both internally and externally… but you may not know how good it is for your gut and digestion so let me divulge. If you follow me on instagram (@welcomingwellness) you will know I recently moved and have been posting some of my gardening antics. I Have not only been freaking out (in a good way) over the added space but also freaking out about the fact that I have a small patch of lawn to ground myself on daily… eeeek so exciting because I have been a city slicker for close to a decade. Since moving from the city I realised I had seriously neglected my aloe vera plant and it was looking a bit sad and trying to escape from the pot… literally. So it was time to get my hands dirty and do some gardening, find a bigger pot for my aloe babies. There are 2 things you should know with aloe vera… it’s hard to kill and it should...

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17 Jan Kitchen Talk: Going Gluten Free

If you are really serious about going gluten free then look no further, first of all, if you haven't already unlock my free resources, in this episode we explore some of the reasons for "going gluten free" and also what flour alternatives you can cook with but in your FREE copy of Pantry Guide 101 we lay out all the health damaging foods (sugar, dairy, oil, flour, salt etc) and what healthier options to swap them with.   [embed_popupally_pro popup_id="9"]   Top 3 most usable, tasty and gut friendly gluten free flours to cook with. In this first episode of Kitchen Talk, we discuss the best gluten free flour alternatives and also ways to use and cook with these. Cooking with different less mainstream alternatives requires some know-how. Coconut Flour: Can be substituted quite easily in most recipes (pizza base, bread, pancakes, cupcakes, cakes etc) and the internet is a huge resource for recipes however coconut flour can be a tad dry sometimes… so using more oil can help with the moist issues and you will need to use (what may seem like) an obscene amount of eggs as the binding agent because the flour is really absorbent and soaks up a lot of liquid. Coconut flour has a...

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24 Apr 3 things my gut is loving right now.

  Chia seeds, Psyllium husks + Slippery elm (OH MY)! You gut is constantly repairing its lining and this is the very thing that protects you from the outside world such as toxins and parasites. This very thin layer is only ONE layer of cells thick… it is delicate and needs a little help to stay in good nick. If you suffer from leaky gut then you need these 3 little gems in your life NOW. My gut is loving chia, psyllium and slippery elm right now and they are things that you can find in your local supermarket (if they have a good health food section) and/or a chemist (or health food store). CHIA SEEDS: are one of my favourite foods. They are loaded with omega3, protein, vitamins, minerals and they are a great source of fiber. When added to liquid (water) they swell up and have a jelly like outer layer which slides right through your digestive tract with ease. This jelly like outer layer is due to the soluble fiber present in the seeds and acts as a prebiotic food for your gut bugs, feeding them and keeping them fit and healthy. One serve provides your recommended daily intake of fiber....

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02 Feb Why you should be proud of your toilet time.

  We are going to talk dirty. Hope that’s ok. If you have met me you will know im not a shy person. But I apologise in advance if this topic offends or embarrasses you?     Going to the toilet should not be a strain, it should be a pleasurable experience a couple of times a day. Your body is amazing because it tells you when it is not happy or when things are not working properly. We just need to learn how to read the signs. Constipation is considered to be one of the western worlds biggest indicators of ill health. It’s a sign or symptom that something is not working and like so many things in the western world we tend not to take them seriously or go grab a pill to “fix” the problem rather than get to the root cause for the initial issue. When we eat we should pass the excess waste (your poop) after each meal, 2-3 times a day. (I can tell now you are counting how many times you have gone or not gone today, if at all). If you do not go at least ONCE per day you are constipated! End of story...

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