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06 Mar Kitchen Talk Ep4 Green Goodness

The aim of a supplement is to add extra nutrition to your body you might not be getting from your diet. A green powder will not only add some extra oomph to your diet but also add extra nutrients for your gut bugs to help your health thrive, reduce internal inflammation and also alkalize the system to prevent damage to your cells and give you energy. What to look for in a good green powder. Organic ingredients Marine plants (spirulina + chlorella) Sprouts (alfalfa + broccoli) Alkalising greens such as kale or wheat grass. NO fillers or bulking agents. I love a good green powder, it’s an amazing way to get more energy, more iron and alkalize the system so you can go about your day with an extra kick in your step as well as some extra goodness you might not be getting from your daily diet. My favourite brands are below. Don’t let the prices scare you because a little goes a long way and your investment will be well worth it. I do alternate my brands depending on convenience and taste preference so try a few to see which you prefer. Green Nutritionals Modere – Green Qi The Beauty Chef Personally I like to take my green powder first...

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24 Jan Gut Soothing Smoothies

If you are anything like me after the xmas festivities are over, I'm craving the sweet stuff (because of the extra indulging over the holidays) but also I tend to drink way more alcohol because there are heaps more occasions to do so. Craving wine of an evening is a way I tend to 'hang on' to the holiday vibes… even though I’m back at work. The indulging needs to stop at some stage because it can be damaging to your gut if you have had issues in the past (like me) or if you are going through some gut issues. Getting back on track as quick as possible is super important. Smoothies are a great breakfast, morning tea or afternoon snack because you can load them with amazing gut healing superfoods and supplements to help heal and seal your gut quick-stat, because they are ‘blended’ the food is already partially broken down making the process easier on your digestion. Below I have some of my all-time summer favourites to help with the mid-morning hunger or the 3:30 cravings. They are designed to have a hint of sweetness to satisfy the sweet tooth but also loaded with fiber and veg to keep you regular...

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Winter Healthy2

30 Aug 3 Things I Swear By To Keep Me Healthy During Winter.

I don’t know about you but I have been surrounded by sick people all winter. I have been dosing up on some of my usual favourites to boost my immunity and keep me fighting fit and healthy and yes you guessed it, they are ala-natural. Most people around me have been “soldiering on” through their sickness and I just look at them suffering trying to push themselves in a time their bodies need to rest… Most of the time all your body needs to recover from a cold is one full day on the couch (or in bed) resting or sleeping. People with low immunity obviously can suffer more than someone with a good immune system so this is just a generalization, not a diagnosis or miracle cure. Instead we are brainwashed to think that we need to push through a cold and stress ourselves out even more which further reduces your immunity. What about the flu? Well it sucks and can knock you off your feet for a good week or sometimes more. So instead of worrying about what to do if you get it… start dosing yourself up to prevent it! I see so many people that start to take supplements...

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01 Mar Cravings, why you can’t rely on will power.

Cravings require more than will power. You’re hungry, its 3pm and you are craving a sweet treat… a brownie!! Loaded with sugar and gluten and you know you shouldn’t… but you eat it anyway and blame will power. I’ve been there. Although it would have been a red bull and a muffin. At the time it was my poison, but not these days… I couldn’t think of anything worse. I hate the term will power. It is a load of crap. It has never worked for me and people are so disheartened when they are failed by their own will power. I read so many health blogs with suggestions to curb cravings… but frankly they don’t help. Understanding why you are craving something helps to make an educated decision to either surrender to the craving or overpower it. I’ve been on the tail end where the cravings were soooo strong it would literally change my mood. I would be irritable, distracted and every thought would be figuring out how and when I would surrender to my cravings. This happens because your body is screaming out for something. It is craving something. In most cases it’s got something to do with your gut bugs. The bacteria in your gut (aka...

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02 Feb Why you should be proud of your toilet time.

  We are going to talk dirty. Hope that’s ok. If you have met me you will know im not a shy person. But I apologise in advance if this topic offends or embarrasses you?     Going to the toilet should not be a strain, it should be a pleasurable experience a couple of times a day. Your body is amazing because it tells you when it is not happy or when things are not working properly. We just need to learn how to read the signs. Constipation is considered to be one of the western worlds biggest indicators of ill health. It’s a sign or symptom that something is not working and like so many things in the western world we tend not to take them seriously or go grab a pill to “fix” the problem rather than get to the root cause for the initial issue. When we eat we should pass the excess waste (your poop) after each meal, 2-3 times a day. (I can tell now you are counting how many times you have gone or not gone today, if at all). If you do not go at least ONCE per day you are constipated! End of story...

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