15 May Guilty Of Eating On The Go?

Are you a stressed eater? I am guilty… Do you eat lunch at work? Do you shovel down your food at your desk in front of the computer? Or do you down a quick meal in front of the tv at night? Do you find yourself bloated or struggling with some digestive issues? Could it be as simple as eating in a less stressful environment? I used to spend lunch with my computer… and eat when I could. NOW I make time to sit out in the sun (when I can), put my phone down and take my 30 min break, eating, breathing and enjoying my food. I really look forward to my lunch breaks now because I have turned them into a ritual that helps me de-stress and recharge my batteries during the day. I get rather upset if I get disturbed during my break because you don’t come between me and my food haha, but mostly I enjoy this short break to chill out. When I decided to stop taking the contraception pill my anxiety was out of control so I was looking at ways to improve my day and take time out to attempt meditation. By actually taking 30 mins away from my...

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24 Apr 3 things my gut is loving right now.

  Chia seeds, Psyllium husks + Slippery elm (OH MY)! You gut is constantly repairing its lining and this is the very thing that protects you from the outside world such as toxins and parasites. This very thin layer is only ONE layer of cells thick… it is delicate and needs a little help to stay in good nick. If you suffer from leaky gut then you need these 3 little gems in your life NOW. My gut is loving chia, psyllium and slippery elm right now and they are things that you can find in your local supermarket (if they have a good health food section) and/or a chemist (or health food store). CHIA SEEDS: are one of my favourite foods. They are loaded with omega3, protein, vitamins, minerals and they are a great source of fiber. When added to liquid (water) they swell up and have a jelly like outer layer which slides right through your digestive tract with ease. This jelly like outer layer is due to the soluble fiber present in the seeds and acts as a prebiotic food for your gut bugs, feeding them and keeping them fit and healthy. One serve provides your recommended daily intake of fiber....

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The pill 1

30 Mar PART 1. The Aftermath Of The Pill – My Personal Experience.

  This is my love note to all those who are struggling with issues caused by the pill. You are not alone.   My experience with coming off the pill has definitely been a roller coaster to say the least. I speak to so many women that have had ongoing health issues caused by the aftermath of the pill. The medical term if a woman’s period is absent is called Amenorrhea and this is becoming a very common issue with women after coming off the pill, they have even named the term - Post Pill Amenorrhea. You only need to type it into google to be overwhelmed with all the information. I was taking the oral contraceptive pill for almost 8 years. I have been in a serious relationship for the entirety of that time and taking synthetic hormones every day was no longer an option for me as it was not in line with my lifestyle and my beliefs. I am very conscious about what I put in and on my body I was only taking the pill out of habit and nothing else. I decided to stop taking the pill as I didn’t want to subject my body to unnecessary hormones. After 3 months...

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