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14 Nov Sun Exposure, the little know (and free) way to help your gut health

We have been lead to believe that sun exposure is BAD. However getting a sneaky bit of safe sunshine could be just what your gut needed. I am not sure of the exact age I became interested in tanning but there is something sexy about a nice tan and I wanted in. I remember baking out in the back yard with my bestie and a bottle of olive oil as a teenager to try and get that summer glow with little success. I guess I am a slow learner and the penny never dropped due to the fact that I have a strong English Irish background and an English rose complexion. However even today I still feel better having a slight tan, I feel healthier and it usually means the sun is shining, which makes everyone happy. Unfortunately these days I have resorted to faken it because of my English / Irish heritage which means tanning takes a lot more effort than I am willing to make and to be quite honest, I don’t have time to lay out all summer. I don’t know many people that tan easily, for most of us Aussies it take a serious summer commitment to get...

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12 Sep Aloe Vera, the medicinal gut healer internally and externally.

Aloe Vera is (as you know) a plant, it’s resilient, great for sunburns but also amazing for gut health and skin care!! Since I struggled with acne and skin scarring aloe has always been a medicinal staple for me both internally and externally… but you may not know how good it is for your gut and digestion so let me divulge. If you follow me on instagram (@welcomingwellness) you will know I recently moved and have been posting some of my gardening antics. I Have not only been freaking out (in a good way) over the added space but also freaking out about the fact that I have a small patch of lawn to ground myself on daily… eeeek so exciting because I have been a city slicker for close to a decade. Since moving from the city I realised I had seriously neglected my aloe vera plant and it was looking a bit sad and trying to escape from the pot… literally. So it was time to get my hands dirty and do some gardening, find a bigger pot for my aloe babies. There are 2 things you should know with aloe vera… it’s hard to kill and it should...

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12 Jan Sunrise Turmeric Smoothie

Turmeric is such an amazing food. It is usually found in the spice section as a golden yellow powder but it is actually a root similar to fresh ginger, if you have never seen it in its true fresh form. Turmeric traditionally is used in curries (because of its origin, being India) and I had no idea how else to incorporate it into my daily diet. So being naturally inquisitive I tried to find ways to add it to my diet in unusual ways. There really are endless possibilities however i have found my few fav combinations: omelets, curries, stir-frys and smoothies!!! Turmeric reduces inflammation so can reduce swelling in joints, gut inflammation, helps skin conditions and assists digestion. It is good for heart health, your immune system, heart health to name a few. You can also buy turmeric supplements that are aimed at joint care and also migraines in the health food store so jump on line and do some research to see if you think it could be a good addition to supplement your diet with. It has been used throughout India for centuries for its healing properties. Sunrise Turmeric Smoothie (SERVES 2) / 1/2 mango / 1 banana / 1/2 avocado / 1/2 Lebanese cucumber / small...

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