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28 Mar Gut Health 101 + Why You Should Care

What does the whole gut health thing actually mean? I know it can be confusing because it seems like there is a new superfood or a new diet each week that is the most amazing health hack… then you find out a week or month later that it was all just a load of BS and there was just a bit of hype around it, take kale for example… about a year ago if you mentioned you eat a healthy diet or are interested in your health it was ALLLLLL about the kale. (To be brutally honest, I’m not a big fan of kale unless its cooked and wilted… can’t stand it raw or in salads YUCK!! But I have managed to find a way to consume it and it’s not as often as you might think)   I am not sure if you have noticed but there is a lot of talk and hype around gut health lately and I really hope it doesn’t start to cheapen the importance of gut health or bring out the haters. So I want to share a little about why it’s so important. The thing with gut health that no one really talks about is the fact that...

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13 Dec My Quest For Health Left Me Obsessed + Depressed.

Am I better than you? Who knows! Who cares?? Well in reality, apparently everyone!!! NEWS FLASH: There is always going to be someone better and healthier than you. Have you brainwashed yourself to be depressed by comparison or empowered and inspired by others? Have you overstepped the line in your search for health and become obsessed with your diet or your journey to finding wellness? Are you falling victim to comparing your journey to others? 2016 has seen some pretty remarkable results for me and my health (and hopefully you too) and I am constantly striving to have better health because there is always room for improvement. However there were moments throughout my health journey that found me totally obsessing and comparing myself to others, which is definitely not a good thing. I had some really dark and lonely times throughout early 2016 because I thought I was all alone. When it comes to gut health it is not always obvious you are dealing with issues on the outside so you feel somewhat alone. In my experience no one seemed to be talking about or posting pictures expressing the hard times so I feel compelled to share a nugget of truth. I found myself manifesting issues and...

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15 May Guilty Of Eating On The Go?

Are you a stressed eater? I am guilty… Do you eat lunch at work? Do you shovel down your food at your desk in front of the computer? Or do you down a quick meal in front of the tv at night? Do you find yourself bloated or struggling with some digestive issues? Could it be as simple as eating in a less stressful environment? I used to spend lunch with my computer… and eat when I could. NOW I make time to sit out in the sun (when I can), put my phone down and take my 30 min break, eating, breathing and enjoying my food. I really look forward to my lunch breaks now because I have turned them into a ritual that helps me de-stress and recharge my batteries during the day. I get rather upset if I get disturbed during my break because you don’t come between me and my food haha, but mostly I enjoy this short break to chill out. When I decided to stop taking the contraception pill my anxiety was out of control so I was looking at ways to improve my day and take time out to attempt meditation. By actually taking 30 mins away from my...

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