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Fermenting is an art and to start with it can be a tad confusing, I remember I struggled in the beginning because there is so much conflicting information out there… I had no idea where to start.

If I’m completely honest, I dabbled nervously into fermenting.

I had no support and it was a very confusing, frustrating and exhausting experimenting until I got it right. Let me give you the confidence to learn how to ferment foods at home in your own kitchen with ease.  It truly is the cheapest form of probiotic rich superfood, easy (once you know how) and the benefits are out of this world.

Learn how to prepare fermented foods such as Sauerkraut, Kefir + Kombucha in the comfort of your home.

All health begins with a healthy gut.

Your gut IS the answer to unlocking and freeing you from your explained / unexplained health issues + preventing them. Introducing fermented foods to my diet was like I had finally found the missing piece to the puzzle… I had plateaued, I was frustrated and disappointed with the little to no improvement in my healthy eating/ very restrictive diet. Introducing fermented foods excelled my health to the level of healing I needed in such a short space of time.

Are you sick of just eating ‘stuff’ that is supposed to help? Foods that are supposed to be healthy? Are you ready to let go of the guilt and restrictions you have placed on your eating?

Are fermented foods the missing piece to your wellness journey?



It has been proven that almost ALL disease begins in the gut at some level. Fermented foods add the good bacteria + the bacteria are needed to help protect you from a gut level, from the inside out. Therefore having a healthy gut is essential to a healthy life.

We all have little things that bug us… that are “normal” right?? What if I told you they were a sign or symptom your gut was in distress and in need of some TLC? Without addressing these somewhat “normal” or “small” issues they can turn into disease if not addressed.

  • Anxiety (ability not to handle stressful situations)
  • Mood swings (depression, pms, outbursts, highs and lows)
  • Hormonal issues
  • Low libido
  • Constipation (and the opposite or general toilet troubles)
  • Weight problems
  • Low energy (+ waking up tired)
  • Bad skin (acne, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis)
  • Headaches

We only seem to be getting sicker, fatter and dying younger from modern diseases that are totally avoidable, we need to re-learn how to look after ourselves from the inside out. By listening to these symptoms and not ignoring them we can prevent disease at the root cause! The bacteria in our guts outnumber our cells 10 to 1 so they are mighty important in the grand scheme of things because if I check my math correctly, that means we are more bacteria than we are human!! Have I got your attention now??

By consuming fermented foods we are re-populating and re-introducing the good bacteria into our system.

Fermented foods have been lost through time because we no longer need to preserve food. Modern inventions, such as fridges, preserve our food for us. We have constant access to produce at the supermarket so we really don’t need to stock pile for the winter when food used to be scarce.

When you ferment the bacteria and microbes on food feed off sugars (in the food) and multiply, as a by-product they produce lactic acid that preserves the food. Under the right circumstances (which I will teach you) they will multiply and leave the food teaming with probiotics (or good bacteria). Once consumed they help to re-populate your colony of bacteria in your gut. Having the right ecology of bacteria will help cure your acne, hormonal issues, give you your energy back and libido back… it can help reverse some diseases or help to manage them better. Having a healthy and strong ecology can give you the strongest immunity needed to help YOU fight off normal illness that plagues society… don’t you want that??

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KOMBUCHA / Is a fermented tea drink. It is pronounced kom-boo-cha and is a lightly fizzy drink that can be made using your own preference of tea (black, oolong, green etc) and can be flavoured with fruit and herbs.

Kombucha is loaded with beneficial bacteria and yeast to help protect and repopulate your gut and also contains amino acids and enzymes to help assist healthy digestion.


MILK KEFIR / Is a fermented milk drink. Milk Kefir is on of the most potent probiotic rich foods, containing over 40 strains of beneficial bacteria. When the milk is fermented is enhances the nutritional value, so is a great source of calcium.

If you are lactose intolerant you may be able to consume, following propper instructions you can reduce lactose to a minimum/ trace amounts. Milk kefir is by far my favourite fermented food.


SAUERKRAUT / Is fermented cabbage. I know it doesn’t sound that appealing but I promise you the health benefits are worth at least a try.

Sauerkraut is a ‘lacto-fermented’ vegetable and loaded with probiotics, aka good bacteria. The combinations don’t stop at cabbage, in my classes we cover a few different combinations if you are not a huge fan of cabbage.

Water Kefir

WATER KEFIR / Is similar to Kombucha because it is also a lightly fizzy probiotic beverage. It is different in flavour and can be made using coconut water.

The flavouring options are endless or you can just enjoy fresh. Water kefir is a great alternative if you cannot tolerate dairy (lactose + casein).


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