13 Dec My Quest For Health Left Me Obsessed + Depressed.

Am I better than you? Who knows! Who cares?? Well in reality, apparently everyone!!! NEWS FLASH: There is always going to be someone better and healthier than you. Have you brainwashed yourself to be depressed by comparison or empowered and inspired by others? Have you overstepped the line in your search for health and become obsessed with your diet or your journey to finding wellness? Are you falling victim to comparing your journey to others? 2016 has seen some pretty remarkable results for me and my health (and hopefully you too) and I am constantly striving to have better health because there is always room for improvement. However there were moments throughout my health journey that found me totally obsessing and comparing myself to others, which is definitely not a good thing. I had some really dark and lonely times throughout early 2016 because I thought I was all alone. When it comes to gut health it is not always obvious you are dealing with issues on the outside so you feel somewhat alone. In my experience no one seemed to be talking about or posting pictures expressing the hard times so I feel compelled to share a nugget of truth. I found myself manifesting issues and...

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22 Nov Dying for blemish free glowing skin?

Skin troubles?? Just a few years ago I would have dyed to have blemish free radiant skin, but I didn't. A piece of my self confidence died every time I looked in the mirror. It was a 2 year journey for me and it sucked!!! Being the big old hippy that I am, I was determined to overcome my acne holistically so I persisted with organic face creams and home remedies but nothing topical helped. I wasted countless hours obsessively staring (and shamelessly I admit to picking) at my skin in the mirror, which made me feel even worse about my appearance. Having healthy glowing skin is an expression of your inner health and I was eating an amazing diet which was disheartening, I felt like a closet eater but I wasn’t. I just didn’t get why I had such bad skin and I was getting to the point of desperation and also because covering up acne was getting expensive. (If you are struggling you know what I mean… there is never enough foundation to cover. Never. Then you have over done it and you have to take it all off again and re-apply! Argh… makeup was a chore to say the least). After living with...

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Winter Healthy2

30 Aug 3 Things I Swear By To Keep Me Healthy During Winter.

I don’t know about you but I have been surrounded by sick people all winter. I have been dosing up on some of my usual favourites to boost my immunity and keep me fighting fit and healthy and yes you guessed it, they are ala-natural. Most people around me have been “soldiering on” through their sickness and I just look at them suffering trying to push themselves in a time their bodies need to rest… Most of the time all your body needs to recover from a cold is one full day on the couch (or in bed) resting or sleeping. People with low immunity obviously can suffer more than someone with a good immune system so this is just a generalization, not a diagnosis or miracle cure. Instead we are brainwashed to think that we need to push through a cold and stress ourselves out even more which further reduces your immunity. What about the flu? Well it sucks and can knock you off your feet for a good week or sometimes more. So instead of worrying about what to do if you get it… start dosing yourself up to prevent it! I see so many people that start to take supplements...

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Gut Fat2

23 Aug Is Your Gut Making You FAT?

Is your gut bacteria making you FAT? Or stopping you from losing weight?? Did you know you can turn your gut into a fat burning machine? Have you tried every diet under the sun to try and lose weight? Or are you exercising like a mad man only to lose a small insignificant amount of weight? Maybe it’s not your fault you can’t lose weight… Weight loss for some people can seem impossible. For some it takes more than just exercise. Most personal trainers will agree with me on this. Weight loss is 80% diet and 20% is the exercise and movement because we are what we eat right? Wrong… We are what our bacteria eat. What do I mean by this? Well you’re technically more bacteria than you are human so your bacteria are mighty important in the grand scheme of things. Your bacteria control your food cravings, metabolism and energy (amongst other things). CRAVINGS: I am super guilty of having the occasional binge, haha I would be lying if I said it never happened to me and that I was perfect, because it just simply is not true. The good news is it’s not your fault, sometimes the cravings are so strong you just give in because willpower just...

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14 Aug Ghee (how too + why you want too…)

Ghee is also called clarified butter. It is basically butter that has had all the milk solids cooked out, and therefor is pure butter fat / oil and lasts a very long time without spoiling. In this video I will share with you the steps and process to preparing your very own ghee at home. Why you should consider using ghee with your cooking. It is amazing for cooking because it has a really high smoke point, which means it doesn't oxidize and break into free radicles in your body like other oils that are cooked at really high temperatures (such as vegetable oil or olive oil). Is also not an issue for dairy intolerant people because you cook off all the milk and dairy solids so the final result is free from any dairy. Contains butyric acid which protects your immune system by feeding the beneficial bacteria in your gut and helping them to protect you at a gut level. Stimulates your digestive acids and juices so it kick-starts your digestion. It also contains MCFA (medium chain fatty acids) which is also in coconut oil, this type of fat is not stored in the body it is used for energy. Rich in vitamins in grass fed butter...

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02 Aug Why A Symptom Is A Goldmine

    If you are anything like me you will have symptom that really annoys you for a while then pisses you off then you get embarrassed about it then you feel swamped with overwhelm, frustration and despair. But the honest to god truth is symptoms are a goldmine!!   Without symptoms we have no indication that something is wrong. Don’t do what I did and wait until you are at your whit’s end and it becomes a real issue and consumes your life. When you have a symptom of any description there is always a root cause. Finding out the root cause of your acne, headaches, rashes, bloating, food allergy etc might not be easy… trust me it’s not. But at least you can notice something is not A-OK and make attempts to rectify. But let’s face it is not that simple, is it?? I waited almost a year to address my hormone isses because I lived a lie. I lived in hope it would fix itself. I had a whole host of issues and that made it totally overwhelming and confusing because I was crippled with anxiety and just didn’t have a starting point or anything to focus on apart from total confusion. So I...

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