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26 Jun Herbs, Spices + Your Microbiome

  Don’t you hate it when a food looks really good in a restaurant or at a friends house… until you take a bite and it’s bland and needs a bit of flavour? I think we have all been there. Sometimes all you need is a pinch of salt, a sprinkle of cinnamon or a dash of fresh herbs. I’m constantly reaching for herbs and spices to pimp my food. I want my food to sing, crunch, pop, sizzle, full of spice and all things nice. Why? Because herbs and spices not only add flavour but they add extra nutrients and healthy properties to boost any meal. They are small but mighty and your mircobiome loves them.  If I am honest, there are numerous veggies I’m not crazy about but when they are slathered and hidden in among flavours you are going to be more inclined to eat not only the veg you don’t like but more veggies in general. The most common excuse for not eating brussel sprouts is because boiled sprouts are gross!! I totally agree. But lathered in ghee, sprinkled with smoked paprika and roasted they are one of my fav winter veggies. Learning to introduce herbs and spices will open you...

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17 Jan Kitchen Talk: Going Gluten Free

If you are really serious about going gluten free then look no further, first of all, if you haven't already unlock my free resources, in this episode we explore some of the reasons for "going gluten free" and also what flour alternatives you can cook with but in your FREE copy of Pantry Guide 101 we lay out all the health damaging foods (sugar, dairy, oil, flour, salt etc) and what healthier options to swap them with.   [embed_popupally_pro popup_id="9"]   Top 3 most usable, tasty and gut friendly gluten free flours to cook with. In this first episode of Kitchen Talk, we discuss the best gluten free flour alternatives and also ways to use and cook with these. Cooking with different less mainstream alternatives requires some know-how. Coconut Flour: Can be substituted quite easily in most recipes (pizza base, bread, pancakes, cupcakes, cakes etc) and the internet is a huge resource for recipes however coconut flour can be a tad dry sometimes… so using more oil can help with the moist issues and you will need to use (what may seem like) an obscene amount of eggs as the binding agent because the flour is really absorbent and soaks up a lot of liquid. Coconut flour has a...

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