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30 Jan Microbiome Magic, Why You Should Care.

I love a good magic show… I’m always in awe when I see Dynamo or Criss Angel or even an entertainer at a wedding, but a part of me knows it’s all an illusion. I also can’t help but look at the body and have that same feeling of awe… like it is magic.  All of these important processes are happening inside us every second without us knowing, we are the ones being entertained. Your microbiome is the magician and influences the majority of your health. Learning what influence your microbiome has over your health is like unlocking the magician’s secrets. If you want me to spill the beans listen up.   Magic : “The power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces”.   So where am I going with all of this??? We have had some pretty big breakthroughs in medical history and over the last 10 years has seen probably the biggest discovery in our lifetime. In 2008 a scientific study began (called The Human Microbiome Project) to profile all the bacterial species in the human microbiome and what role they play in our health. Since the beginning of that study we have gained so much insight into how our microbiome...

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