06 Mar Kitchen Talk Ep4 Green Goodness

The aim of a supplement is to add extra nutrition to your body you might not be getting from your diet. A green powder will not only add some extra oomph to your diet but also add extra nutrients for your gut bugs to help your health thrive, reduce internal inflammation and also alkalize the system to prevent damage to your cells and give you energy.

What to look for in a good green powder.

  • Organic ingredients
  • Marine plants (spirulina + chlorella)
  • Sprouts (alfalfa + broccoli)
  • Alkalising greens such as kale or wheat grass.
  • NO fillers or bulking agents.

I love a good green powder, it’s an amazing way to get more energy, more iron and alkalize the system so you can go about your day with an extra kick in your step as well as some extra goodness you might not be getting from your daily diet.

My favourite brands are below. Don’t let the prices scare you because a little goes a long way and your investment will be well worth it. I do alternate my brands depending on convenience and taste preference so try a few to see which you prefer.

Personally I like to take my green powder first thing in the morning when I wake up in a pint of water to re-hydrate, alkalize and also give me some energy and clarity for the day. Some have a very strong flavour and might take a bit of getting used to, buy you can add to your smoothies or have with fruit juice to start with. Play around with what works for you.

Let me know what brands you have tried… I’m curious to know.

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