26 Aug #happyguts – Starting a New Health Revolution

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Firstly WELCOME… I’m so glad you are here.

It’s nothing new that people are getting sicker and sicker. It breaks my heart to hear when someone I know finds out they have cancer or some other life threatening disease. That person is someone, it could have been you or me… not just a statistic. The fact that cancer is so common these days its like “old news” but the truth is it’s totally devastating.

The other day I caught myself responding to that news, not with sympathy, but with a question “What type of cancer?” I feel truly guilty that I treated that person as a statistic (indirectly) not as a fellow human being.

The same goes for depression and type 2 diabetes… its old news, everyone seems to have it. You take medication and you live with it forever. You get diagnosed and the Dr says ardios amigo, you’re on your own to take expensive medication for the rest of your life. No cure, we haven’t found one yet sorry!

But what about addressing the causes?

Our guts house 70-80% of our immune system, its the very thing that protects us from disease, inflammation, sickness and illness. So why is everything we are doing killing our gut bugs and compromising the health of our guts?

Where did we go so wrong?

I’m 26 now and I’m terrified of welcoming diseases that are wiping out people in their middle ages, it all seams to be the norm to sit around and wait for cancer to strike, heart disease to kill, diabetes to form, weight gain, depression, aches, pains, arthritis, or anything else we consider normal age related health issues… its all a load of BS and I’m taking a stand. If you look after yourself you can avoid looking forward to these issues. Everyone is looking for a cure for heart disease because its the biggest killer worldwide. The biggest killer is so easily preventable with a healthy diet? We need to stop looking for cures and start looking at preventing them in the first place.

Without a good amount of healthy bacteria protecting you, your body will be at risk to some form of disease or inflammation in the body and most diseases stem from inflammation. You will have plenty of warning signs, but because we have so many different drugs to fix the symptom, we never address the root cause, or we see the symptoms as the things that need fixing. If your Dr can give you a pill to fix it, its problem solved, right?? Ill say it once and I’ll say it again, if we don’t address our guts as the first port of call we will never truly overcome these diseases that are reaching epidemic proportions.

I hit a bumpy patch 2 years ago. I was loving life… I was juicing every morning or just call me the green smoothie goddess, I was in fantastic shape and eating a seriously (next level) healthy diet. I decided to come off the pill because I was on the health train (it was full steam ahead) and I didn’t want synthetic hormones in my body. Turns out that’s where all my health challenges begun. Before having these issues I thought everything could be solved with a healthy diet, but I was so wrong. There was a missing link. Diet wasn’t enough for me and my issues.

I had literally destroyed my gut through the extended use of medication (the pill) and that may have caused inflammation that cause suspected leaky gut, causing acne, hormonal issues, depression symptoms, low libido, anxiety, uncontrollable stress and I was literally losing my hair. Last year was NOT fun. Overcoming my issues one by one has been a challenge but I am grateful for what I have learnt on my journey (you can read more about that here) as I am now almost free from these things that derailed my life for a short moment. I totally understand how you feel when you have a whole host of issues and you don’t know where to start and what to address first.

Here at ‘Welcoming Wellness’ I have dedicated this site to sharing knowledge about what I have learnt about the gut and the roll it plays on your health. Heal your gut and you will literally free yourself from your health issues or boost your health to the next level. Its time to wake up and take control of your health, starting with your gut. This new health revolution needs to start now with us, the next generation.

Please comment below to let me know what you are struggling with, you are not alone. If you are on social media I want to follow your journey to, and create an army of #happyguts and lower the stats for the next generation.


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Sarah - Welcoming Wellness

Hi - I'm Sarah. I'm a passionate fermentationísta, on a mission to spread the word about how important our gut's are to our health.

  • Caris Fox
    Posted at 15:35h, 06 September Reply

    Sarah, it’s like I’m reading my own exact story! Even down to the massive and continuous hair loss over the past few months. I am currently in crisis mode and am doing and have been doing everything I can think of to make myself better. I have just recently been introduced to the concept of gut health and Mojo Kombucha. Thank you so much for sharing your story and experiences. I am following closely and can’t thank you enough for making me feel like I have someone on my side, that understands and is willing to help xxx

    • Sarah - Welcoming Wellness
      Posted at 05:59h, 07 September Reply

      Hi gorgeous. You are not alone, don’t worry, it sucks at the time but you can work through this, its not permanent. Mojo is great although i do find it can be expensive, because its addictive. Let’s get you fermenting babe you can learn how to have 6L for the price of approx $5. Sarah x

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