SecretWeapon 1

28 Feb My secret weapon for lifelong gut health.

The one thing you can do today that will benefit your health for life is a no brainer but it truly is my secret weapon to health. You move out of home and you try and do the right thing by getting you 2+5 a day, but let’s face it.. It doesn’t always happen, does it? I always knew veggies were super important but I never really made sure I was getting 5 serves and I sure as hell didn’t eat them throughout the day, dinner was my only way to cram my veggies in. Just like (the old) me, most people only eat their veggies at dinner and this lack of veggies could be the single reason you can rattle off 5 (gut related) symptoms that haunt you on a daily basis. I’m talking about the little minor symptoms like bloating, gas, constipation, headaches, bad skin, anxiety… you might not even recognize these to be a symptom of ill health in the making. Or even symptoms associated with poor gut health. We all try and eat our veggies because they are healthy right? But if you break it down and look at the nitty gritty you will be astonished to learn...

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27 Oct Stop Looking For That “Perfect” Diet

So I know some of you would be hanging your heads in shame if you had to lay out (on the table) what you ate in a day. If you told your grandma would she be all for it or also hanging her head in shame? I know I didn’t always eat a healthy diet, personally I’m looking back now on my teenage self with disgust. I often used to think about eating healthy but didn’t really know where to start and would usually result in eating a salad sandwich was suckered in my marketing. My work snacks were “natural + fat free” bars or the microwave meals. I wouldn’t touch the stuff now let alone recommend it. I searched high and low for the perfect diet and have decided there is no one size fits all diet. Im more concerned about eating a healthy diet. What really defines a healthy diet anyway? This is a question I am always asked or always question myself… and it’s the hardest question to answer without passing judgement on anyone. Is a little judgement bad? I don’t think so, only because it makes you question your actions to some extent. I truly believe if you...

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05 Oct Cacao + Dandi Smoothie

Trying to get a daily dose of prebiotics can be difficult sometimes, so I am always experimenting ways to incorporate them into my diet. Dandelion root is a great herb that will assist digestion and aid good gut health. It stimulates digestion by acting as a milk laxative, it also assists the liver in detoxing, feeds the good bacteria in your gut and is also high in antioxidants. Dandelion root can be found in most supermarkets as a tea. Or if you are a herb nerd you can find it at some special health food stores, online or bulk/loose produce stores. Dandelion root is a great coffee alternative as it has a similar taste to coffee (but not as strong) and caffeine free. Tahini is sesame seed paste and has an amazing flavour, i love adding it to my smoothies for some healthy fats as well as the added calcium, iron and magnesium. It is classed as a healthy fat and works really well with cacao flavoured foods. Cacao is the raw unprocessed "cocoa" powder. It is not the same as cocoa, cocoa is roasted or heat treated so it loses some of its amazing benefits. Cacao is a superfood and contains magnesium, small traces of...

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