Fermented Foods

01 Aug Fermented Dill Pickles

Do ya love a good pickle?? I'm not talking vinegar pickles, I'm talking amazingly tangy, crisp and probiotic pickles you can make at home. People ask me all the time to share with them fermenting recipes and while I prefer to coach people through the process because there are so many things you can do to stuff it up, I have shared one with you today. Dill pickles are one of the simplest ferments to have a go trying. When fermented right, dill pickles are teaming with probiotics and can be a great pre-dinner or lunch snack to get the digestive juices flowing in preparation for digestion and to repopulate the beneficial bacteria. Hopefully this will help give you confidence to give it a try. Please feel free to comment over at you tube or below if you have any other questions. Its pretty simple though so I hope you have a go. Give it a go and give me a tag (#happyguts) so I can join in your journey.   [embed_popupally_pro popup_id="10"]...

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Winter Healthy2

30 Aug 3 Things I Swear By To Keep Me Healthy During Winter.

I don’t know about you but I have been surrounded by sick people all winter. I have been dosing up on some of my usual favourites to boost my immunity and keep me fighting fit and healthy and yes you guessed it, they are ala-natural. Most people around me have been “soldiering on” through their sickness and I just look at them suffering trying to push themselves in a time their bodies need to rest… Most of the time all your body needs to recover from a cold is one full day on the couch (or in bed) resting or sleeping. People with low immunity obviously can suffer more than someone with a good immune system so this is just a generalization, not a diagnosis or miracle cure. Instead we are brainwashed to think that we need to push through a cold and stress ourselves out even more which further reduces your immunity. What about the flu? Well it sucks and can knock you off your feet for a good week or sometimes more. So instead of worrying about what to do if you get it… start dosing yourself up to prevent it! I see so many people that start to take supplements...

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25 May Forget Superfoods + Their Hefty Price Tags.

If your microbiome is unhealthy nothing will help faster or be more effective than a head of cabbage. Seriously!!!     I used to be a sucker for all the latest and greatest superfoods on the market. But. Honestly. They were sending me broke! They are ridiculously expensive and most of them did not live up to their expectations. I was persuaded to try them by their packaging and their celebrity backing… looking back now, it even sounds stupid as I write it. But at the time I was (without realizing) a spokesperson pushing these expensive superfoods on everyone because that’s advertising right? You want to be seen using these products? This is the way OTHER people make money selling their faces. I’m a huge fan of Jennifer Hawkins but I know she doesn’t get her “glow” from Mt franklin sparkling water. My guess is it might have a little something to do with her modelling contract, fantastic makeup artists, brilliant lighting and airbrushing. When I was battling a few health issues literally nothing worked until I looked at my gut health. I was making acai bowls (at nearly $10 a pop) juicing almost $80 of fruit and veg a week, sipping on expensive herbal...

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