14 Sep Eating healthy IS possible on a budget with fermented foods.

Don't be fooled by all the latest and greatest health fad superfoods. Bold statement I know, but I am living proof that you don’t need a fat wallet for eating healthy or living a healthy life. Its pretty popular to “be seen as being healthy” and there are lots of new brands popping up left right and center. Everything seems to be organic and or “natural” and they jack the price up because of these tags. But last time I checked these new fad products are not cheap! Some matcha green tea powders are approx. $20-25 for the smallest packet in the world or you go into an active/ sportswear clothing store and a sports bra will set you back $70-$100. It appears it aint cheap to be healthy and its so easy to get caught up in all the fad products. I’m by no means well to do (money wise) but my health is on top of my priorities list so in the peak of my health journey I was willing to splash out or splurge on anything food related. I remember when I was first getting excited about eating healthy and I was suckered into believing I needed ALL the...

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31 Aug It’s not ALL in your head.

Depression? Anxiety? Stress? It’s actually not ALL in your head. Have you ever felt so anxious that you couldn’t speak properly, kept mucking up the words, mumbling and feeling so frazzled that the words were just not coming out right?  Your heart is racing and its giving you brain fog, forgetting what you actually wanted to say or what to do next AND it’s not even caused by the fear of public speaking… you are just having a stress / anxiety moment in a ‘normal’ situation. I kept wondering why I was having these moments and they were becoming more frequent. I’ve been there and it sucks! Dealing with a double whammy of stress and anxiety isn’t easy but for some reason we can’t see it at the time, it creeps up on you and you think it’s normal all of a sudden. I used to blame brain fog, being tired and just “not being on top” of my work. The truth is I was on top of my work, I would get so worked up for no reason and I couldn’t explain it to anyone because I thought I was an idiot to feel like this and it was all in my...

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