24 Nov How “Letting Go” Helped Heal My Acne.

Along my health journey I have done some seriously alternative things to cure my health woes. I’ve not only overhauled my diet but also my lifestyle, friends and home environment… nothing ever seemed to be enough and one day I realized what I had been doing wrong, and it wasn’t my diet or my lifestyle or my home environment. The problem was I used to ask myself that every day. Looking back I feel like i was paving the way for failure. “ Is it ever going to be enough??” is such a negative outlook.  If you break it down im literally saying nothing I try will work… Life is short and I don’t know about you but as I get older the years seam to go by faster and faster. I was wasting so much time being stressed and negative about my issues I was forgetting to have fun along the way and everything revolved around my issues. I’d get stressed about going to the pool and being makup free, going to the beach or spending the night at a friends house. I tried to hide under makeup but it never worked for me because every time I looked in the mirror...

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27 Oct Stop Looking For That “Perfect” Diet

So I know some of you would be hanging your heads in shame if you had to lay out (on the table) what you ate in a day. If you told your grandma would she be all for it or also hanging her head in shame? I know I didn’t always eat a healthy diet, personally I’m looking back now on my teenage self with disgust. I often used to think about eating healthy but didn’t really know where to start and would usually result in eating a salad sandwich was suckered in my marketing. My work snacks were “natural + fat free” bars or the microwave meals. I wouldn’t touch the stuff now let alone recommend it. I searched high and low for the perfect diet and have decided there is no one size fits all diet. Im more concerned about eating a healthy diet. What really defines a healthy diet anyway? This is a question I am always asked or always question myself… and it’s the hardest question to answer without passing judgement on anyone. Is a little judgement bad? I don’t think so, only because it makes you question your actions to some extent. I truly believe if you...

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05 Oct Cacao + Dandi Smoothie

Trying to get a daily dose of prebiotics can be difficult sometimes, so I am always experimenting ways to incorporate them into my diet. Dandelion root is a great herb that will assist digestion and aid good gut health. It stimulates digestion by acting as a milk laxative, it also assists the liver in detoxing, feeds the good bacteria in your gut and is also high in antioxidants. Dandelion root can be found in most supermarkets as a tea. Or if you are a herb nerd you can find it at some special health food stores, online or bulk/loose produce stores. Dandelion root is a great coffee alternative as it has a similar taste to coffee (but not as strong) and caffeine free. Tahini is sesame seed paste and has an amazing flavour, i love adding it to my smoothies for some healthy fats as well as the added calcium, iron and magnesium. It is classed as a healthy fat and works really well with cacao flavoured foods. Cacao is the raw unprocessed "cocoa" powder. It is not the same as cocoa, cocoa is roasted or heat treated so it loses some of its amazing benefits. Cacao is a superfood and contains magnesium, small traces of...

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21 Sep Who’s In Charge Of Your Health? You or Your Guts?

 Are you trying to shift the extra KG’s or are you trying to take back control over your hormones? In my case I was trying everything possible for my skin… and I never felt in control. The very moment it was looking good… BANG. It was bad the next day. It was emotionally exhausting to keep trying new things, only to be disappointed. My skin was a true reflection of what was going on inside of me… which was a mess and the one area in my life I had absolutely no control over. I read so many comments on blog posts and hear so many gorgeous souls desperately seeking advice and answers about how to take back control of their health. Like something bigger is actually controlling it… not you. I used to be that person. Frantically searching for answers and anyone that related to my symptoms because I was totally obsessed with gaining control over my symptoms. The truth is you are not in charge of your health, the health of your microbiome (aka you gut bugs) and your gut lining have a HUGE amount to do with your overall health. It sounds bazar but they control the state of...

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