08 Mar Is that gluten free?

The real reason I avoid gluten and why I don’t feel like a douche-bag asking for gluten free options at a restaurant.     Does this come gluten free? Insert rolling of eyes from friends and loved ones HERE…   When I was trying (super hard) to give up gluten it was near impossible to not be judged. I used to get anxiety about just about anything and when I was trying to avoid gluten I would get stressed out before asking for gluten free foods in a restaurant because I was literally waiting to be judged and it really bothered me.   You have a right to say no to gluten. BUT. It’s bloody hard with the stress of temptations you shouldn’t have to add judgement to that too.   I really struggled with giving up gluten when out eating at some ones house and at restaurants, at home was easy because I was cooking everything. Gluten free is the hot word of the moment, its all the rage in the media and all the latest fad diets have latched onto this trend. It is what made it so hard for me to not feel judged because if I wanted to get better and heal my gut it...

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01 Mar Cravings, why you can’t rely on will power.

Cravings require more than will power. You’re hungry, its 3pm and you are craving a sweet treat… a brownie!! Loaded with sugar and gluten and you know you shouldn’t… but you eat it anyway and blame will power. I’ve been there. Although it would have been a red bull and a muffin. At the time it was my poison, but not these days… I couldn’t think of anything worse. I hate the term will power. It is a load of crap. It has never worked for me and people are so disheartened when they are failed by their own will power. I read so many health blogs with suggestions to curb cravings… but frankly they don’t help. Understanding why you are craving something helps to make an educated decision to either surrender to the craving or overpower it. I’ve been on the tail end where the cravings were soooo strong it would literally change my mood. I would be irritable, distracted and every thought would be figuring out how and when I would surrender to my cravings. This happens because your body is screaming out for something. It is craving something. In most cases it’s got something to do with your gut bugs. The bacteria in your gut (aka...

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23 Feb CHASING THE DRAGON (or in my case, health)

  People in the health world are obsessed with nutrients, vitamin and mineral claims and I used to fall for it hard. Over my years of learning about healthy eating I became obsessed with nutrition and it’s not in my nature to have an obsessive or addictive personality. So what changed? I changed my eating habits because I had a super stressful job (in my early 20’s) and it was causing me a lot physical issues from the constant stress, I saw this and decided to adopt a healthier lifestyle. On my quest I started to obsess about what I was eating, obsessing about superfoods, obsessing over certain vitamins and minerals, obsessed over juicing. Then it was raw food, then vegan, then raw treats… you name it, I’ve obsessed over it in my quest to find a healthy life style. I was on top of the world, feeling great it was like I was chasing the dragon. High one day then tomorrow was looking for my next fix, the next best superfood tomorrow. I felt like the coyote chasing after road runner with a knife and fork day in day out… I was never going to catch him even with my confidence, knowledge and persistence....

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02 Feb Why you should be proud of your toilet time.

  We are going to talk dirty. Hope that’s ok. If you have met me you will know im not a shy person. But I apologise in advance if this topic offends or embarrasses you?     Going to the toilet should not be a strain, it should be a pleasurable experience a couple of times a day. Your body is amazing because it tells you when it is not happy or when things are not working properly. We just need to learn how to read the signs. Constipation is considered to be one of the western worlds biggest indicators of ill health. It’s a sign or symptom that something is not working and like so many things in the western world we tend not to take them seriously or go grab a pill to “fix” the problem rather than get to the root cause for the initial issue. When we eat we should pass the excess waste (your poop) after each meal, 2-3 times a day. (I can tell now you are counting how many times you have gone or not gone today, if at all). If you do not go at least ONCE per day you are constipated! End of story...

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tumeric smooth

12 Jan Sunrise Turmeric Smoothie

Turmeric is such an amazing food. It is usually found in the spice section as a golden yellow powder but it is actually a root similar to fresh ginger, if you have never seen it in its true fresh form. Turmeric traditionally is used in curries (because of its origin, being India) and I had no idea how else to incorporate it into my daily diet. So being naturally inquisitive I tried to find ways to add it to my diet in unusual ways. There really are endless possibilities however i have found my few fav combinations: omelets, curries, stir-frys and smoothies!!! Turmeric reduces inflammation so can reduce swelling in joints, gut inflammation, helps skin conditions and assists digestion. It is good for heart health, your immune system, heart health to name a few. You can also buy turmeric supplements that are aimed at joint care and also migraines in the health food store so jump on line and do some research to see if you think it could be a good addition to supplement your diet with. It has been used throughout India for centuries for its healing properties. Sunrise Turmeric Smoothie (SERVES 2) / 1/2 mango / 1 banana / 1/2 avocado / 1/2 Lebanese cucumber / small...

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