14 Aug Ghee (how too + why you want too…)

Ghee is also called clarified butter. It is basically butter that has had all the milk solids cooked out, and therefor is pure butter fat / oil and lasts a very long time without spoiling. In this video I will share with you the steps and process to preparing your very own ghee at home. Why you should consider using ghee with your cooking. It is amazing for cooking because it has a really high smoke point, which means it doesn't oxidize and break into free radicles in your body like other oils that are cooked at really high temperatures (such as vegetable oil or olive oil). Is also not an issue for dairy intolerant people because you cook off all the milk and dairy solids so the final result is free from any dairy. Contains butyric acid which protects your immune system by feeding the beneficial bacteria in your gut and helping them to protect you at a gut level. Stimulates your digestive acids and juices so it kick-starts your digestion. It also contains MCFA (medium chain fatty acids) which is also in coconut oil, this type of fat is not stored in the body it is used for energy. Rich in vitamins in grass fed butter...

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02 Aug Why A Symptom Is A Goldmine

    If you are anything like me you will have symptom that really annoys you for a while then pisses you off then you get embarrassed about it then you feel swamped with overwhelm, frustration and despair. But the honest to god truth is symptoms are a goldmine!!   Without symptoms we have no indication that something is wrong. Don’t do what I did and wait until you are at your whit’s end and it becomes a real issue and consumes your life. When you have a symptom of any description there is always a root cause. Finding out the root cause of your acne, headaches, rashes, bloating, food allergy etc might not be easy… trust me it’s not. But at least you can notice something is not A-OK and make attempts to rectify. But let’s face it is not that simple, is it?? I waited almost a year to address my hormone isses because I lived a lie. I lived in hope it would fix itself. I had a whole host of issues and that made it totally overwhelming and confusing because I was crippled with anxiety and just didn’t have a starting point or anything to focus on apart from total confusion. So I...

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lets talk oral11

19 Jul Let’s talk oral… oral-microbiome.

  Your mouth is a mirror into your internal health and it has its own community of bacteria, called the oral-microbiome.   For years I have struggled with my dental health… its quite embarrassing to be honest, well I find it embarrassing. I was never really allowed sweets as a kid and they were saved for special occasions. As a young adult I hit the party scene pretty hard and fell for all the sugary alcoholic drinks and wine. I had some restorative work done in my early 20’s which cost me close to $800 and on a tight student budget it was a bit of a wakeup call. $800 was not easy to swallow and I started to “grow up” and started to pay more attention to my health because you only get one set of teeth. Most health advocates will vouch for me on this… Once I started to see results from my healthy eating and exercising I was HOOKED and I have never looked back since. Eating clean became “my thing” and I no longer eat sweets and processed foods apart from special occasions. HOWEVER I’m still getting cavities. It makes me feel like I’m a total failure because I have cleaned...

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03 Jul Lacto-Fermented Pickles

Now who doesn't love a good pickle? You either love'em or hate'em. Sorry for all the haters out there but this ferment isn't for you. I used to pick my pickles out of a maccas cheeseburger when I was a kid, i used to make such a big deal about them and tell my entire family how discussed I was that they existed. We were not regular Mc Donald's goers but would, on occasions get a treat. However times have changed...

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Get Your Skin Glowing2

26 Jun Unconventional Ways To Get Your Skin Glowing.

  Anyone selling the best creams and lotions as a miracle is lying to you! Thanks a promise.   My heart sinks when I see the ingredients in some of the acne creams on the market. They are so harsh and can permanently change you skins delicate balance. They do not work long term and are usually ridiculously expensive so don’t waste your time. Topical methods for getting glowing skin are old hat so get with the times… Health starts from within! Specifically down to your gut health. It’s pretty well known that eating plenty of fruit and veg will give you glowing skin but that didn’t work for me. I battled acne for a few years after coming off the pill and it sucked!! Being an adult with acne is downright embarrassing and destroys your self-confidence. However it can be a thing of the past. I was trying all the superfoods and literally every food that was supposed to help but I couldn’t work out why it was not working for me. I was eating clean organic real food, juicing, smoothie making, superfooding you name it. The only thing that helped it change was addressing my gut health. I started addressing my gut health because my hormones were...

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Dont like your veggies2

11 Jun Dont like your veggies? Try these easy and flavourful cooking tips.

I used to push my veggies aside, or have the SMALLEST portion and call it "healthy". Does this sound like you? Are you seriously lacking some love for your 2 + 5 a day? Then I've got a treat for your taste buds. Its time to learn to pimp your veggies. Stop boiling them or baking without flavour, food is way to enjoyable to ruin a good thing. I’m a real veg and meat kinda girl (not the other way around). I rarely feel uninspired for dinner because I’m obsessed with flavour. My meals are never bland and if anything I over flavor. This was one of the cooking lessons I learnt that made me fall in love with veg. Learning to cook a proper curry inspired me. You can turn a tin of tomatoes into the most flavourful rich and exciting dish just with herbs and spices...

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25 May Forget Superfoods + Their Hefty Price Tags.

If your microbiome is unhealthy nothing will help faster or be more effective than a head of cabbage. Seriously!!!     I used to be a sucker for all the latest and greatest superfoods on the market. But. Honestly. They were sending me broke! They are ridiculously expensive and most of them did not live up to their expectations. I was persuaded to try them by their packaging and their celebrity backing… looking back now, it even sounds stupid as I write it. But at the time I was (without realizing) a spokesperson pushing these expensive superfoods on everyone because that’s advertising right? You want to be seen using these products? This is the way OTHER people make money selling their faces. I’m a huge fan of Jennifer Hawkins but I know she doesn’t get her “glow” from Mt franklin sparkling water. My guess is it might have a little something to do with her modelling contract, fantastic makeup artists, brilliant lighting and airbrushing. When I was battling a few health issues literally nothing worked until I looked at my gut health. I was making acai bowls (at nearly $10 a pop) juicing almost $80 of fruit and veg a week, sipping on expensive herbal...

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