SecretWeapon 1

28 Feb My secret weapon for lifelong gut health.

The one thing you can do today that will benefit your health for life is a no brainer but it truly is my secret weapon to health. You move out of home and you try and do the right thing by getting you 2+5 a day, but let’s face it.. It doesn’t always happen, does it? I always knew veggies were super important but I never really made sure I was getting 5 serves and I sure as hell didn’t eat them throughout the day, dinner was my only way to cram my veggies in. Just like (the old) me, most people only eat their veggies at dinner and this lack of veggies could be the single reason you can rattle off 5 (gut related) symptoms that haunt you on a daily basis. I’m talking about the little minor symptoms like bloating, gas, constipation, headaches, bad skin, anxiety… you might not even recognize these to be a symptom of ill health in the making. Or even symptoms associated with poor gut health. We all try and eat our veggies because they are healthy right? But if you break it down and look at the nitty gritty you will be astonished to learn...

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14 Feb Kitchen Talk : Chemical Cocktail

Chemicals are so detrimental to your overall health, if it is not the immediate response then it can be an accumulation over a number of years that causes the problem. Reducing your chemical exposure is such an important part to your health journey. Yes it is a step by step process and might take a bit to master but it can be a simple as swapping your personal care item. In our FREE “lifestyle by design” guide we outline in detail some really important items to eliminate or take not of in your lifestyle. So be sure to download that free (below)… if this is of interest to you or your health. Personal Care Products: there are tons of brands out there that claim to be Natural or Organic… so be very careful and actually read the label. Don’t buy because they state on the packaging “organic” because it could be one or 2 products that are organic, but be laced with harmful chemicals. So by downloading the lifestyle by design guide we lay out all the chemicals you NEED to avoid or to look out for. There are heaps of websites out there aimed at only selling organic and SAFE organic...

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24 Jan Gut Soothing Smoothies

If you are anything like me after the xmas festivities are over, I'm craving the sweet stuff (because of the extra indulging over the holidays) but also I tend to drink way more alcohol because there are heaps more occasions to do so. Craving wine of an evening is a way I tend to 'hang on' to the holiday vibes… even though I’m back at work. The indulging needs to stop at some stage because it can be damaging to your gut if you have had issues in the past (like me) or if you are going through some gut issues. Getting back on track as quick as possible is super important. Smoothies are a great breakfast, morning tea or afternoon snack because you can load them with amazing gut healing superfoods and supplements to help heal and seal your gut quick-stat, because they are ‘blended’ the food is already partially broken down making the process easier on your digestion. Below I have some of my all-time summer favourites to help with the mid-morning hunger or the 3:30 cravings. They are designed to have a hint of sweetness to satisfy the sweet tooth but also loaded with fiber and veg to keep you regular...

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17 Jan Kitchen Talk: Going Gluten Free

If you are really serious about going gluten free then look no further, first of all, if you haven't already unlock my free resources, in this episode we explore some of the reasons for "going gluten free" and also what flour alternatives you can cook with but in your FREE copy of Pantry Guide 101 we lay out all the health damaging foods (sugar, dairy, oil, flour, salt etc) and what healthier options to swap them with.   [embed_popupally_pro popup_id="9"]   Top 3 most usable, tasty and gut friendly gluten free flours to cook with. In this first episode of Kitchen Talk, we discuss the best gluten free flour alternatives and also ways to use and cook with these. Cooking with different less mainstream alternatives requires some know-how. Coconut Flour: Can be substituted quite easily in most recipes (pizza base, bread, pancakes, cupcakes, cakes etc) and the internet is a huge resource for recipes however coconut flour can be a tad dry sometimes… so using more oil can help with the moist issues and you will need to use (what may seem like) an obscene amount of eggs as the binding agent because the flour is really absorbent and soaks up a lot of liquid. Coconut flour has a...

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02 Jan Don’t eat the forbidden fruit…

I don’t know about you but when you can’t eat something as a treat or as a “cheat” meal because of allergies and / or food intolerance it can really bring you down + make you want it more! Especially throughout the holiday season. You know what the consequences are if you eat that! So why do you keep slipping up? Saying no makes you want the forbidden fruit even more. Plus if you are around people that you don’t know very well you have to explain to them why you can’t eat “that” food *insert judgmental looks here* and it gets exhausting. Over the holiday season it is hard to stay on track with a heap of naughty and forbidden foods in abundance. It is especially hard if you have an intolerance or allergy because it’s not your decision to say no, so personally I feel the need to say I can’t (instead of no). The only away around the judgement and the willpower is the language you use. However this holiday season I was getting tired of hearing myself saying I can’t. That was the main reason people kept asking me (and exhausting me) because I was opening up the conversation. “Oh, why can’t...

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13 Dec My Quest For Health Left Me Obsessed + Depressed.

Am I better than you? Who knows! Who cares?? Well in reality, apparently everyone!!! NEWS FLASH: There is always going to be someone better and healthier than you. Have you brainwashed yourself to be depressed by comparison or empowered and inspired by others? Have you overstepped the line in your search for health and become obsessed with your diet or your journey to finding wellness? Are you falling victim to comparing your journey to others? 2016 has seen some pretty remarkable results for me and my health (and hopefully you too) and I am constantly striving to have better health because there is always room for improvement. However there were moments throughout my health journey that found me totally obsessing and comparing myself to others, which is definitely not a good thing. I had some really dark and lonely times throughout early 2016 because I thought I was all alone. When it comes to gut health it is not always obvious you are dealing with issues on the outside so you feel somewhat alone. In my experience no one seemed to be talking about or posting pictures expressing the hard times so I feel compelled to share a nugget of truth. I found myself manifesting issues and...

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22 Nov Dying for blemish free glowing skin?

Skin troubles?? Just a few years ago I would have dyed to have blemish free radiant skin, but I didn't. A piece of my self confidence died every time I looked in the mirror. It was a 2 year journey for me and it sucked!!! Being the big old hippy that I am, I was determined to overcome my acne holistically so I persisted with organic face creams and home remedies but nothing topical helped. I wasted countless hours obsessively staring (and shamelessly I admit to picking) at my skin in the mirror, which made me feel even worse about my appearance. Having healthy glowing skin is an expression of your inner health and I was eating an amazing diet which was disheartening, I felt like a closet eater but I wasn’t. I just didn’t get why I had such bad skin and I was getting to the point of desperation and also because covering up acne was getting expensive. (If you are struggling you know what I mean… there is never enough foundation to cover. Never. Then you have over done it and you have to take it all off again and re-apply! Argh… makeup was a chore to say the least). After living with...

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