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Do you feel like you have tried everything? Yet you still don’t feel like you are bursting with energy and good health?


I know what it’s like to have symptoms not serious enough to address. Symptoms that you think will go away. Symptoms that everyone else seems to be able to fix or symptoms that none of your friends have.


I had all of these minor symptoms, that seemed minor when looked at individually, but packaged all together created this mess, that was me 2 years ago! I kept asking myself why me? Why am I the only one with acne… I’m 26! Why am I having emotional outbursts like a 16 yr old?


I kept asking myself “What was I missing? What was I doing wrong? Why wasn’t it working for me?”


I seriously thought I had tried everything and quite frankly was sick of “trying things” which made me feel even more like a failure and a hypocrite.


Acne, anxiety, uncontrollable stress, serious hormonal issues, there were up days and down days, plenty of tears and a lot of internal pain and confusion that I couldn’t seem to shake. I hit my pain threshold and was determined to keep trying until I found an answer to my some what “small” issues. It wasn’t normal for me and I was determined to overcome my issues because it was starting to change who I really was.


Its time to take back control of your health.

The single most important lesson I have learnt on my health journey is that wellness needs to be worked at every day in every way. BUT the one thing and only thing that set me FREE and truly excelled my health was fermented foods… specifically sauerkraut. Though not my favourite fermented food, it was the first one I tried and the first one that I prepared at home so I have a real soft spot in my heart and my fridge for it.


Once I started to see results from sauerkraut I was hooked! Kombucha, milk kefir, fermented veggies you name it, it was fermenting in my cupboard. I went from a crazy emotional person to a crazy “I can ferment anything” person. If it was going to be good for my gut I was going to try it.


I learnt that all diss-ease in the body starts with the gut because it controls almost all of our systems in the body (and by diss-ease I mean an imbalance in the body, which will usually lead to disease given enough time). Hormones, immune system, digesting food, assimilating all the vitamins and minerals from your food and good mental health are all controlled by the gut flora and health of your gut.


Learning how to add fermented foods into my life was not easy at the beginning because there is so much conflicting information out there. In the beginning I was also kind of scared to try the fermented foods I had prepared, fearing I would get food poisoning. It was very foreign to me to leave food outside of the fridge for 1-4 weeks then eat it?? Yep. That’s fermenting for ya. I slowly built up the courage, knowledge and educated myself to perfecting the art of fermenting. Although I’m still learning new ways to ferment foods everyday.


This is where I come in… to help you through the confusing process of fermenting.


Fermenting is not hard and it is not time consuming if you know what you are doing. The health benefits are just too good to pass up at least trying, but I hope to help you through the process and make it easy to integrate into your life because I know this is the missing piece to your health puzzle, as it was mine. If your gut is not healthy to start with, nothing will help and you will be stuck in your health rut.

My guess is you have agonized and worried about your diet, your skin, your thighs, what gluten is? Or the fact that you don’t eat the healthiest foods or you don’t know what foods are healthy? What diet to follow? So many questions and so many web pages to browse… its all to hard sometimes, but don’t give up.


I know how frustrating it is searching for answers because I’ve been there, I’ve spent countless nights glued to the internet searching for the answers.


I spent almost 2 years of my life worrying and searching for answers jumping from diet to diet, from superfood to superfood, from health professional to health professional and searching website after website. Do I regret it?? No… as I believe everything happens for a reason. If I didn’t have this journey I wouldn’t be where I am today, sitting at my computer writing this for you.


You don’t have to feel helpless, to lie awake at night wondering why you can’t fix your symptoms and be normal like everyone else… countless times I literally burst into tears at the thought of living with my symptoms forever. I just wanted to be normal and healthy again.


Welcoming Wellness is about inner health, healing your gut to make sure EVERY other part of you can shine as it is meant to, so YOU can live your life not worrying about the small stuff like embarrassing acne, like unexplained anxiety, moods like a yo-yo, worrying about what foods are healthy or feeling guilty about eating that tub of ice cream. I freed myself from these crippling issues that were holding me back from truly living. I don’t have to worry about my worries anymore, I get excited about each and every day and long for the future to be rich with life and full of amazing times to come.

A bit about my personal story…

Prior to my health journey I juiced, made smoothies, exercised regularly, made ALL my own food, cut out the crap from my diet and overhauled my home and bathroom products yet I was still stuck with these symptoms, I did everything I could think of. I was obsessed with being healthy so I decided to go off the pill. That’s when all my symptoms started.

It took me 16 months after coming off the pill to get my 1st cycle back. I don’t want anyone else to go through what I went through because it was a nightmare. It changed my life in so many ways. When I said goodbye to the pill I welcomed acne, hormonal issues, anxiety, cellulite, hair loss, tired and general loss of passion for life. No (so called) Doctor could give me any explanation for my symptoms they were described as small and insignificant… I felt completely lost and alone and afraid I this was the reality of my future. I spend hundreds of dollars trying to figure out a way to overcome my issues. It wasn’t until I was referred to a Doctor of Chinese Medicine / Acupuncturist that explained to me that the gut was the cause of my issues. Seriously??? I had been to 2 different GP’s, changed Naturopaths twice and pretty much searched the entire web… but never did I stumble across this info and none of the health professionals I had been paying had shared this info with me.

I felt cheated that no one had told me this info… was it because it was a big secret or was it because its so simple that we overlook the importance of our guts??

I am so passionate about fermented foods, foods like sauerkraut and kefir. Fermented drinks like kombucha and beet kvass. Introducing these freed me from my health issues. They helped to repopulate my inner ecosystem that allowed me to heal myself from the inside out. They gave me my life back because I was getting to the point that my symptoms were controlling my life. Once you understand just how powerful the gut is to your health and how you too can live a symptom free life. Making the right choices and nourishing your gut all without western medicine and without handing more money over the counter. Don’t ignore the symptoms… they are a sign and a goldmine at telling you something is out of balance. Don’t run to your Dr, run to your fridge for a bowl of sauerkraut or a glass of kombucha.

Take charge, pick up your fork and get some fermented foods in your diet, you won’t regret it!! I promise.

Fermentation was the missing piece to my health journey and I just know it has and can help so many other people too… I am not a health professional but the evidence is too strong to deny that our lifestyles are destroying our guts and our health.

Who am I to tell you these things? Good question…

I am Sarah and on a mission to change people’s lives, free you from feeling trapped in life, within your own body and health journey. You will always find me in the kitchen. I’m just a standard 20-something year old passionate about living the most amazing life, making sure I don’t wind up in hospital one day regretting my former decisions. I decided I was NOT going to die from something so easily prevented. Food related diseases and issues are the main cause of death and I’m not going to wait for that sign or symptom that makes me change my life, I now don’t need a reason to want to be healthy and nor should you.

The one thing missing in my life is giving back, so ‘Welcoming Wellness’ (WW) was born. WW is about helping people rediscover or discover for the first time what it feels like to not have to worry about health. To educate you, to nourishing the one thing that controls all health and diss-ease in the body… The gut.

Welcome wellness one ferment at a time.

Welcoming Wellness.Sarah


The information I present is from my own personal experiences and also my own research. You should consult your functional medical professional for advice on your own personal issues. I am not a qualified health professional, I am providing you with information to empower you to make your own informed decisions about your health.

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