25 Apr 3 Gut Destroying Pantry Items and what to use instead

I get it, overload of information haha.

As you can see I am just a little passionate about eliminating gut destroying foods. By simply swapping some of your pantry items over to more healthful ones can be super beneficial for your overall health in the long run. It is almost to simple and that is part of the reason we don’t do it… we just think we will get round to it eventually, can you relate to this? Now is your chance and hopefully this video has sparked a fire inside of you to grab the bin and start ditching all the crap that is sneakily destroying your health and could be the leading cause to some weird and unexplained symptoms.


Over the years testing and experimenting with different less “main stream” food items has been a passion and I have found that simply swapping items has made a huge difference to my health, my friends health and also my family. I have found it extremely fun to learn how to cook with different item not everyone has heard of, sometimes they take a bit of getting used to but other times they are an easy sub. I have found that I no longer crave the bad stuff as I just know internally it isn’t doing me any good. It has taken a while to learn this level of self control but I assure you it happens when you return to unhealthy eating and start to feel crappy all the time. Feeling well and energetic is just so worth the sacrifice.


3 items we looked at over this episode were:

Gluten & wheat products and what items to swap them for.

Dairy products (excluding grass fed butter, that’s still on my good list) and why

Vegetable oil, because this stuff is not fit for human consumption.


If you enjoyed this episode and want to learn what other gut destroying items are hiding in your pantry and diet… download the pantry swap guide (free) where we give you the full list of items to exclude and what to swap them with.
Better gut health could just be a simple swap away.

Sarah - Welcoming Wellness

Hi - I'm Sarah. I'm a passionate fermentationísta, on a mission to spread the word about how important our gut's are to our health.

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