09 May 3 Things My Gut Is Loving , To Maintain and Repair Your Gut.


There are tons of gut healing supplements out on the market and some can be expensive and you have no idea if they are going to work or not, which can be frustrating. Or they are obscure and you have to travel to the other side of the earth to find them. I’m all about simplicity otherwise you will never use these amazing gut healing supplements and foods on a daily basis.

I have struggled with my gut health for years now and have wasted a ton of money of stuff that doesn’t work and also seen great results with others. These 3 dietary items are what i consume daily as preventative and protective measures. It takes time to heal your gut and I have healed and also slipped back into bad habits in the past which forced me to get really good at implementing preventative foods and supplements into my diet daily for general maintenance. I have tried and made errors and have had plenty of practice healing my gut.

3 things I have seen great results with are:

Chia seeds

Psyllium Husks



Chia seed pudding : 

Mix 1 Tbs chia seeds to ½ cup of non dairy milk (preferably almond or coconut) whisk for a min of 2 and let it sit for 5 mins to soak up some of the liquid… stirring occasionally.  You can add chopped fruit to it or enjoy with some healthy granola for more flavour.

I also add to my smoothie so I can chew them as I sip on my smoothie to introduce some chewing to better assist with digestion. Chewing stimulates saliva to be made and mixed into the food before it hits your stomach.

Psyllium Husk pudding : Can be made the same as chia seed pudding. Although it does require some flavouring as it is uber bland. So you can enjoy with a touch of honey. I also enjoy mixing it with my yoghurt as yoghurt already has a thicker consistency to milk so it would be an easier transition into your diet if you already consume yoghurt or kefir.

L-Glutamine : Works best taken with food. So be sure to include it in your smoothie or have it in a glass of water before breakfast. Start off small (½ tsp for a week and see how you feel… if you have no upset you should be able to increase that to 1 tsp) as some people are more reactive and sensitive than others.

You should be able to purchase these at most healthfood stores and some really good supermarkets. Or if you are like me and want to save a buck… buy in bulk.
Let me know if you have tried any of these below… I’m keen to know if or how your experience was.

Welcoming Wellness.Sarah

Sarah - Welcoming Wellness

Hi - I'm Sarah. I'm a passionate fermentationísta, on a mission to spread the word about how important our gut's are to our health.

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